Tuesday, 25 June 2013

the instinct of discovery

Across the ocean sails my body, led to worlds of dreamscapes. Internal rests a compass needle pointed to my own north. Hallucinogenic fever has passed, clouds dissevered to invite shards of light to irradiate the sky.

I am sailing home to a land I have never sojourned. My feet have not touched its littoral, my eyes not cast across its panorama. But it is home.

We are wonderers, explorers, fearless and fascinated. Time has stood still to allow us this inexhaustible journey. Life travels back and forth within us, we are static yet in constant oscillation.

This is real life, this is living.

Love rocks me to a gentle slumber, tucks my head into the nape of its neck. I am bourn upon waves to the past, to the future. I am everything I am and all I shall be.

This is the instinct of discovery.

Copyright:Samantha Ledger 2013


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