Monday, 30 July 2012

Delirious the sapphic

Fifty shades of humiliation. Or under the curling wave of delirium stands delirious the sapphic, unfurling petals & dancing in the wind. It's hard to remove that which is ingrained. They say time heals but some wounds retain the original infection. Can you here my inflection? The umbilicus of self destruction is never severed, only the steel grip of elongated fingers stems the flow from one to another.

Eyes open.

No one knows the depths we have sunk too, or deliriums true intent when running reckless in my heart. I cannot respect this body or swim in self denial. The emotional corpse keeps twitching. I edit or enlist a spare blank page, hopeful or desperate for it to heave a final breath and die. Or seek clean air avidly sparking new life. Ego drives the urgency of survival. High heels sounding at six am ring with a new urgency, shame and showers make uncomfortable bed fellows. Considering the dilution of memory, it's dilation in time and verse is representative truth. Ink under skin and breathing remembering. The outrage of my anxiety turns black, blasphemes, burns shards of sunlight to ash and leaves me blind. Weary wanders seek a subtle silence.

In my dreams they're my dreams they are all & everything. They are all in my dreams.