Sunday, 4 September 2011


She says she has words
plentiful in a vocabulary of Welsh,
I cannot content with
vowels and concepts spoken,
in my language                  another language-
passion rages beneath  the fine veneer
of motherly attributes,
if she were astute wisdom
it would lead a merry path
past our (un)holy vision

I have birthed one
long       desire to give others a sense
of freely available oxygen,
are there drugs that alleviate
such sentiments,
I heard her annoyance and relinquished
control to another-
                here is my power
take me.

I have suffered and suffer
indigenous cramps of native
blades and humorous felinity,
                here seeps substance
of women.

I have failed and fucked
twenty eight moments,
only one leading to this-
                hope fails me ,
 he will see

So I say,
                she has my eyes
they are filthy-
I thought you would lead her
towards other paths,
dreaming you would not make
another women
                in my own image.

Copyright: Samantha Ledger 2011