Tuesday, 25 June 2013

the dark umbilicus

Fragments of light change as we pass through space and time.

Dance phosphorescence, to your own iridescent melody. The memory of who we have been fades quietly into the silence, some of us have more to say than others. This is a universal veracity of biology. The mute girl articulates in a language of glances and ravenous leer cast towards the distance. Or fingers have touched the void of humanity and passed back again to the reality we have spun for ourselves.

Love lingers in the recesses of hope. Until hope consumes itself within the flames of famine. We are the dark umbilicus. Rain soaks the deck of our ship as we cast away from all we have known. There is a pronounced vulnerability in staying as there is in voyaging into the foreign. My mother stands but does not smile, her face fixed for fear of emotion. I have transcended beyond her body to my own. There is a sense of redundancy about her shoulders. We all make choices. Mine are no different from her own.

My fingers ache with disuse, I have not mastered the state of idleness and my dreams screech violently of a distracted mind. Not all love needs confirmation, not all love ends with heartbreak. This is a lesson she has not learnt and time has conspired against her. Not every ship will dash against the rocks, with all her crew dragged by sirens to their sandy beds. Above, circles the wings of an eagle, never seen so close to shore. The shrill call of the wild reverberates in bone marrow, my teeth have aged with my tongue. My lexicon is all I have.

Where are the colloquial maxims, where have they been. Long gone from these parched lips. Dehydration brings beautification of hallucinations. Delirium sweetly seeps. The navigator has left her post, my well wishes kissed upon her forehead. We are only alone when we are surrounded by those we love.
I am to journey anew, as sure as sanguinary is in my blood. I only hope, I remember where I can find my hearts sanctuary.

Copyright: Samantha Ledger 2013

the instinct of discovery

Across the ocean sails my body, led to worlds of dreamscapes. Internal rests a compass needle pointed to my own north. Hallucinogenic fever has passed, clouds dissevered to invite shards of light to irradiate the sky.

I am sailing home to a land I have never sojourned. My feet have not touched its littoral, my eyes not cast across its panorama. But it is home.

We are wonderers, explorers, fearless and fascinated. Time has stood still to allow us this inexhaustible journey. Life travels back and forth within us, we are static yet in constant oscillation.

This is real life, this is living.

Love rocks me to a gentle slumber, tucks my head into the nape of its neck. I am bourn upon waves to the past, to the future. I am everything I am and all I shall be.

This is the instinct of discovery.

Copyright:Samantha Ledger 2013